Hello world!

Welcome to the website/blog for the Santa Fe Water Awareness Group. We are a multicultural group, comprised of those who care deeply about water. We are an alliance of individuals and groups who believe in a world of clean, healthy water for all species on this planet. We are answering a call to protect, restore and heal the Waters, both within and without, so that our children and our children’s children can inherit a pristine world. We are interested in the consciousness and metaphysical aspects of water to the same degree that we are have an interest in action, education and the politics of water. We recognize that we are in a water crisis both locally and globally and wish to use our unified field to effect change and restoration of the Water, for the benefit of all life.

We recognize that water itself is our ally in this engagement. We include blessing, ceremony and prayer in our activities and explore the many ramifications of the scientific, political and corporate world’s involvement in the water crisis, as we. We promote, and share about, events, performances and activities happening locally in the Santa Fe area and globally in the arena of water. We offer links to articles and websites with information and a similar vision. We are exploring solutions and remedies for the waters.

Thank You!

Feel free to post your events and comments. We will post a schedule of meetings and events on a separate page.

Until this site is up and fully running, please visit the Live As One  Face Book page: https://www.facebook.com/liveasone

We could use help with the website/blog and with keeping a database and notifications. Thanks. Enjoy


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