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Excellent article that Joe found….talks about zoning ordinances, etc…and Cuomo… a very direct article on the subject of water.

Here’s the inspirational tale of  Hiware bazar, a drought-prone Indian village which became self-sufficient in water after facing acute water shortage. Under the leadership of Popatrao Baguji Pawarwater conservation programs and irrigation systems were initiated to meet the challenge. With time, village’s condition improved and villagers who had left the village were tempted to return and restart cultivation. Subsequently, development schemes were implemented which enabled Hiware bazar to become village with highest GDP in India. Following short documentary tells how Hiware bazar changed its fortune.


2012 presents a contemporary twist on Autumn  & the water element.   Summer is over, bountiful gardens are harvested.
Remember that Earth is the water planet.  On the global scale,  researchers have measured the summertime melting of the Arctic ice.
This year’s arctic melt is unprecedented and much higher than the models foretold !!
Here are a few of many articles & you will also find videos on the web.
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“Shocking” Greenland Ice Melt: Global Warming or Just Heat Wave?

Nearly entire sheet surface melted after four days—fastest thaw seen by satellites.

For several days this month, Greenland’s surface ice cover melted over a larger area than at any time in more than 30 years of satellite observations. Nearly the entire ice cover of Greenland, from its thin, low-lying coastal edges to its two-mile-thick center, experienced some degree of melting at its surface, according to measurements from three independent satellites analyzed by NASA and university scientists.On average in the summer, about half of the surface of Greenland’s ice sheet naturally melts. At high elevations, most of that melt water quickly refreezes in place. Near the coast, some of the melt water is retained by the ice sheet and the rest is lost to the ocean. But this year the extent of ice melting at or near the surface jumped dramatically. According to satellite data, an estimated 97 percent of the ice sheet surface thawed at some point in mid-July.Researchers have not yet determined whether this extensive melt event will affect the overall volume of ice loss this summer and contribute to sea level rise.
The melting  glacial ice of Greenland pours fresh water into the sea at .  Do you recall Al Gore’s description of the ‘conveyer’ currents around the coastlines & the way that
melting water will interrupt the marine flow that moderates continental climate patterns?


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