Structured Water

Structured Water Links

1.  Structured Water finally captured by Science! an article by the The Institute of Science in Society.

2.  Hexagonal Water, Are You Drinking Dead Water? article by Dr. Chung.

3.  Dr. Gabriel Cousens on Structured Water.

4.  Information about Dr. Masaru Emoto.

5.  We want you to use your own judgment and so here is the site to a debunker of Structured Water.

6.   Interesting article from Wired Magazine about Homeopathy and Clustered Water/Structured Water.

7.   The Importance of Cell Water by Prof. Martin Chaplin.

8.   Structured Water as an alternative medicine article.

9.  Prominent Scientists discuss the mysterious properties of water.

10.  Structured Water Unit, LLC is a supporter of


GCI Commentary: Properties of Water – Does Water Have Memory or Consciousness? from Larry Glover:


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