Noon Water Tune-in

At our last meeting we decided it would be beneficial to take a few minutes each day at Noon to give a moment of gratitude for water and bless some before we drink it. Please join us wherever you are in a 5 minute meditation to hold the vision of a world of clean, healthy water for all. See the world’s water restored, and envisage the world as you would have it be for those few minutes. As we join together with more and more people, we will manifest that vision. Those at the meeting made the commitment to do so and to always bless water before we drink or use it.

As a reminder of our joint vision, here below is the vision for our group:

A world of clean, pure and healthy water available for all life systems to flourish. A world in which humans respect and steward the water resources of the planet and the life forms that inhabit and depend on these resources. Through our common agreement, commitment and action, humans restore the water systems to their pristine state through harmony with all the elements of Nature, wise management practices and education.




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