Collected Works Bookstore Conversations

Each Sunday morning at 11AM, David Bacon and his associates hosts interesting conversations with local and visiting activists, politicians and folk at the cutting edge of today’s environmental and democratic movements.

November 18, Sunday, 11 am
Books/Talks/Lectures (at Collected Works Bookstore & Coffeehouse)
Breaking the Silence:Women Driving Change In the World’s Most Challenging Places –
Neema Namadamu, Democratic Republic of Congo, In Conversation with KSFR Radio Host David Bacon
and Mijan Celie Tho-Biaz, EdD. Candidate International and Multi Cultural Education & Member Journey Program Committee

Neema Namadamu, Demcratic Republic of Congo (DRC)
Neema NamadamuAfflicted by polio since the age of two, Neema grew up in the Eastern DRC, a region ravaged by an epidemic of sexual violence and war. Today, she is an outspoken, tech-savvy leader mobilizing and empowering scores of women, including those with disabilities, to change the future of her nation. A determined visionary, Neema also is pushing to establish a national telecommunication network to better connect rural Congolese people to the world.

Increasing access to new media technologies is enabling women from some of the remote regions of the world to make international headlines, organize across borders, and obtain vital development information. Portland-based World Pulse is harnessing the power of digital media to connect and empower a network of over 40,000 women from more than 190 countries, many who are speaking out using Internet cafes and cell phones. In addition, World Pulse is equipping grassroots women leaders with training to become empowered citizen journalists and web-savvy change agents for their communities.

Hear directly from Neema Namadamu who has traveled from impoverished rural villages and conflict zones around the world to share how she is using online technology to drive change.

Audio:audio file Breaking the Silence, 2012-09-28, with Neema Namadamu (mp3, 50 min., 56MB)


information about future Collected Works Bookstore series and the conversations with Neema can be found on the website

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