AMIGOS BRAVOS “WATER MATTERS” LECTURE with storyteller Cisco Guevara.


The February Amigos Bravos “Water Matters” Lecture will feature river guide and internationally known storyteller Cisco Guevara. According to Joe Hayes, “Cisco Guevara is a man who has lived a full, engaged and adventurous life, and he tells about it in a sincere, straightforward—and very entertaining—style. Every time I hear Cisco tell, I learn something new about life and about the craft of storytelling. I come away thinking that if all the fancy dancers, banjo pickers, comedians, yodelers, screamers, acrobats and tinhorn gamblers who fill the ranks of storytellers these days would just sit back and let Cisco drawl out one of his choice memories to them, the whole crew would be vastly edified.”

Cisco Guevara honed his storytelling craft around campfires deep in the river canyons of northern New Mexico. A river runner since his teenage days in Los Alamos, “the Atomic City,” he has become a New Mexico legend: instantly recognizable by his black hat, which was shaped—like the basalt rocks in the Rio Grande Gorge—by the organic power of the river, and famous for his vast knowledge of local lore. In 2010, he was named one of the Top Ten river guides in New Mexico.

Cisco’s stories range from his rebellious youth, to tales that draw on his Hispanic and Native American heritage, to hair-raising adventures in the wilderness, to haunting tales of love and loss. A headliner at the Taos Storytelling Festival for the past 11 years, Cisco performs regularly for groups in Santa Fe and Albuquerque, and has told his stories to rapt audiences as far afield as London and Paris.The Amigos Bravos “Water Matters” Lectures are hosted on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 5:30pm, and are free to the Amigos Bravos membership and the public.

The Santa Fe Community Foundation is located at the corner of Halona and Paseo de Peralta, between Old Santa Fe Trail and Acequia Madre. (If you are driving/walking on Paseo de Peralta toward Acequia Madre from Old Santa Fe Trail, Halona and the SFCF will be on your right). Parking is available on Halona Street. For more information, call 575-751-3669 or 505-988-9715.


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