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Ban Fracking Campaign, from Ireland to New Mexico

Ban Fracking Campaign, from Ireland to New Mexico
By Kathleen Dudley
Drilling Mora County

A number of  local grassroots groups fighting fracking in New
Mexico are launching a billboard and yard sign campaign.
Citizens from the New Mexico Coalition for Community Rights,
Drilling Mora County, and Committee for Clean Water, Air and
Earth completed the Water, Not Fracking, Community Rights for
Mora and San Miguel Counties yard sign and billboard campaign
this month. Today citizens are installing graphic Coca Cola red
and white cows with strong pronouncements that industry is not
welcome to frack their counties.

Joining in solidarity with the work of citizens in Ireland,
people in New Mexico are getting the message out that they do
indeed have the rights to protect their communities from
industry’s assaults against their pristine rural agricultural
towns. While the majority of citizens in both counties support
“no drilling or fracking,” the billboards and yard signs
create a powerful visual representation of the citizens’
voices. They pound the message out more loudly to  the State of
New Mexico legislators, government agencies, and Royal Dutch
Shell and their subsidiaries who, through Dillon’s Rule and
pre-emption, can decided what is good for Mora and San Miguel
County over the decision of the majority of citizens.

This campaign is an assertion of democratic voice and of the
citizens’ rights to a renewable, sustainable future. Currently
state law makes such pronouncements and actions on the local
level, illegal. Local Community Rights Ordinances with a Bill of
Rights protecting citizens and nature’s rights is an “out of
the box” approach which is gaining momentum across the U.S.
and specifically in Northeastern New Mexico where citizens are
standing up to the powers of the status quo and their bullying
efforts. More than 50 communities across the U.S. have passed
such Community Rights Ordinances thanks to the help of the
Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund.

The City of Las Vegas, New Mexico in San Miguel County, passed
the first Community Rights Ordinance banning fracking last
April. This city law has a Bill of Rights protecting the
citizens rights to clean and ample water, air and land while
writing out corporate personhood. The City of Pittsburgh,
Pennsylvania passed a similar Community Rights Ordinance banning
fracking in December 2011, and is the largest city in the U. S.
to take such protective actions.

Visit EcoWatch’s FRACKING page for more related news on this topic.

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Drilling Mora County

Mission Statement:
To protect and preserve the water,land, air, health, and culture
of Northern New Mexico
by educating people about the adverse impacts of oil and gas exploration
and production within our Region.

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