Friends of Dolphins and Whales

Dear Friends of Whales, Dolphins and other Cetaceans: 


Many of you indicated that the URL listed did not take you to the correct site for signing the whale and dolphin petition. Please accept our apologies and use the links at the bottom of this page.  

For those who are interested in a review or did not receive the e-mail, here it is:

 “We are at a crossroads. Environmental degradation is visible everywhere we look and many are feeling hopeless and disempowered to create change that will make a real difference in the world. We are close to a tipping point and your intentions and spirit are needed now to create the kind of lasting change so vital to our natural world. 

 We have written you before asking you to sign our petitions regarding the US Navy’s underwater sonar sound that is decimating our whale and dolphin populations all over the world. We are asking you again, to sign and share this with your friends and family. We may not receive the change we are asking for and the permit may still be given to cause serious harm to our cetaceans 31 million times over the next 5 years. In that period of time, thousands will die from the impact of that testing. Our government’s utter disregard for it’s own environmental laws has never been more blatant; many of the whales that will die are on the endangered species list!

 Here is why it is important for all of us that you act. Our sheer numbers cannot be ignored. By signing this you are providing a base of support to bring this to the attention of the mainstream media so even more people become aware of this dire situation. In addition to this, your signatures can possibly be used as leverage in a lawsuit against NOAA even after they move forward with their plan. This is our final push and we are asking that you, one more time (third time’s a charm, right?) please sign this latest petition. With exposure, education and a clear plan of action, we can sift this tide and you are an intergral part of that shift.”


With gratitude for your assistance,


Lyndia, Lance, Kim & Wes

To sign the petition directly go to: 




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