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Scenes from the Town of Dryden (Mary Ann Sumner)

Dear Raphael,

Mary Ann Sumner is Town Supervisor for the Town of Dryden (population 14,500) in upstate New York. She loves Dryden, and she takes her job very seriously.

That’s why she is in New York State Supreme Court today, fighting a lawsuit brought against her and Dryden by an oil and gas company trying to force citizens to accept fracking inside the town’s borders.

Will you stand in solidarity with the people of Dryden on this historic day?

In 2011, Supervisor Sumner and her colleagues on the Dryden Town Board voted to prohibit the use of land within the town for oil and gas development activities, including fracking. Six weeks later they were sued by an oil and gas company owned by a Forbes-ranked billionaire.

When Dryden defeated the billionaire’s company in court, it made history, inspiring other towns across America to enact similar bans. But Dryden’s fight is not over—the US subsidiary of a foreign-owned oil company has now stepped in to challenge the town.

Earthjustice attorney Deborah Goldberg is representing Dryden in this precedent-setting case. As this message is being sent, she is facing off against oil and gas industry lawyers in Albany, NY.

The coming weeks will be tense ones in Dryden as the townspeople and their local elected officials await the court’s ruling. Will you sign on to this petition and send them a message of support?

These messages will be read aloud at upcoming Town Board meetings, letting the leaders of Dryden know that thousands of people have their back in this fight.

With great appreciation,

Kathleen Sutcliffe

Kathleen Sutcliffe
Campaign Manager

Take action today!

P.S. Your support sends an important signal to Town Board members that they’re doing the right thing by standing up to the oil and gas industry. Sign our solidarity petition today!


Global Water Crisis //Part 1

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Global Water Crisis //Part 1

Water is life. Let’s attempt to solve a commonly known problem: Global Water Crisis //Part 1

Water tap is a poorly designed product. It runs unnecessarily and wastes water. It is difficult to manage water tap when both the hands are busy washing each other. Also, water tap does not allow cleaning hands. The person opens the tap with dirty hands, wash it with soap, and then closing the tap means dirt from tap can again come back to the cleaned hands. The two problems are addressed with motion sensitive taps. It may be liked by many but it again does not meet requirement of common man. The pricing of the technology is far difficult to manage for the common man. So, there is a need to design simple product and at the price where common man can manage.

Look at the Tailor’s sewing machine in your near market. The tailor sits on a chair, and then use his feet to manage the mechanics of sewing machine. Hands are free from managing the mechanics and sewing the cloth becomes much easier. Similarly, now think for making a wash basin. The person sits on a chair, and then uses his feet to manage the flow of water from the tap; uses one feet for controlling the soap dispenser. Hands are free from managing the water tap and soap dispenser. Now, Hand wash with soap becomes much easier and hygienic. This product design will not only meet the objective but will extend many other benefits –

1)    Water is not wasted.

2)    Hands are not touched to tap

3)    Hands are not touched to soap dispenser

4)    Highest hygiene

5)    Better wellbeing

6)    Pricing of the product for the common man etc

Let’s be practical. The design needs a prototype (working model) and rather designing it and showing it, it was thought to find something similar to it on the internet. Luckily, it was available on Internet. The paddle based hand wash is designed and is in use in Africa.  The product might miss patenting the design and so could not went into our homes.

The existing product is a prototype and is working as a success. The existing product can be improved with the mechanics of sewing machine. This new product will definitely solve the commonly known problem: Global Water Crisis and do much more. Don’t you think so?

Link for prototype:

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Worst Drought in 1,000 years


We’re on the Brink of the Worst Drought in 1,000 Years

2012 was the hottest year on record in the United States. Widespread droughtwildfires and extreme heat affected human health and caused food prices to skyrocket. According to new research out of Columbia University, however, last year’s heat wave may be nothing compared to what’s just around the corner.

Researchers at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory predict that a megadrought, the likes of which haven’t been experienced since the 12th century, could hit planet Earth within the next eight years, and it might never leave [PDF]. The cause? According to scientists, this drought will be brought on by “anthropogenic radiative forcing”, also known as ‘stronger-than-normal greenhouse warming caused by climate pollution’.

Because the human race, especially wealthy, super-polluters like the United States, have refused to heed the warnings about continued fossil fuel use, it’s likely that impending water shortages will make the 12th century droughts look like an unusually warm summer day.

“The new model simulations indicate that southwestern North America will become progressively more arid as the century advances with important changes appearing in the immediate future,” write the study’s authors. “Despite the fact that precipitation might increase in some regions and seasons (e.g. winter in northern California) while decrease in others, rising temperatures mean that a large majority of the model simulations project that spring and annual mean runoff will decrease. Soil moisture is also projected to decrease throughout the year, especially in Texas. The mean of the multiple climate models analyzed projects that annual mean runoff in the Colorado River headwaters in 2021-2040 will be 10 percent less than in the decades at the end of the 20th Century.”

There’s a lot of scientific terminology packed in there, but here’s a simple summary: Focusing on the near future, 2021–2040, the new simulations project declines in surface-water availability across the southwest that translates into reduced soil moisture and runoff in California and Nevada, the Colorado River headwaters and Texas. This is very bad news for anyone who eats or drinks water in America…which is everyone.

As Kim Martineau writes for Columbia’s Earth Institute blog, the study predicts “a 10 percent drop in the Colorado River’s flow in the next few decades [about 5 times the amount Las Vegas uses in one year]…enough to disrupt longtime water-sharing agreements between farms and cities across the American Southwest.” In case you were wondering, 40 million people depend on the Colorado River Basin for water and the river is already over-allocated.

Feeling alarmed? I don’t blame you. The idea that one of our biggest sources of fresh water will start to run dry in the next decade is more than a little troubling, yet I’ll bet this is the first you’ve heard of it. “The prepublication press release for this paper came out on December 23 and while it did get picked up by a few sources, the only major outlet was Agence France Press,” writes Bruce Melton for Truthout. “All of the coverage referenced the 10 percent reduction in streamflow that this work’s modeling projects for the near future. This seemingly small number appears to have limited journalists’ interest in the results of the research as a whole.”

Translation: mainstream media’s interest, which really means corporate interest. And then it becomes clear why no ones making any noise about this impending disaster–it might upset the fossil fuel companies who fund everything from your daily newspaper to your local politician. While the head-in-the-sand approach may be best for corporate profits, it’s detrimental for human survival.

Our addition to oil, gas and coal (despite a plethora of alternatives) is killing this planet, and soon, it will be killing us as well. Anyone who tells you different is either ignorant of the evidence, or financially invested in convincing you to ignore it.

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