Steve Harris at Collected Works Sunday April 28th at 11 AM

April 28, Sunday, 11 am
Books/Talks/Lectures (at Collected Works Bookstore & Coffeehouse)
journeysantafe presents:
Can Our Society Act To Protect Rivers From Continued De-Watering?
The Rio Chama Flow Project with Steve Harris, Executive Director of Rio Grande Restoration Project

Harris writes: “The over-exploitation of water from New Mexico’s Rivers has led to a noticeable loss of bio diversity and other natural and social values  they once provided. Beginning with the passage of Strategic Water  Reserve legislation, an “environmental flow movement” has begun to  take hold in the Roundhouse and State Engineer’s Office.  Can our  society act to protect rivers from continued de-watering…. without   “goring the ox” of traditional uses such as irrigation agriculture?   The Rio Chama Flow Project, organized by Rio Grande Restoration, is  attempting to demonstrate the idea that sound science, coupled with  cooperative governance, can protect our rivers, even in the face of  climate change and development pressure.  Come hear how it proposes to  ‘rewater’ the rivers.”

Harris is the Executive Director of the Rio Grande Restoration project and president of a Taos-based river outfitting business, Far-Flung Adventures, and

executive director of the basin-wide streamflow advocacy group, Rio Grande Restoration’ Past board officer of the Tamarisk Coalition, Consultant on the TCEQ/USACE Forgotten River project.

Steve participates actively in regional and state water planning forums and has served on a number of public water resource programs, including the Taos Regional Water Plan, Rio Grande/Rio Bravo Basin Coalition and the Middle Rio Grande ESA Collaborative Presently, he directs the Rio Chama Flow Optimization Project in collaboration with agency stakeholders and local communities.

Photograph of Rio Grande River by Steve Stockdale


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