Upcoming events

RainCatcher Signature
The June meeting will be on Wednesday 19th June at Natural Grocers , 3328 Cerrillos Road at 5:30 PM 

Reese Baker will share about Rainwater Catchment and Storm runoff

          *On Friday June 21st, the SFe Water Awareness Group is planning a Solstice Water Wheel ceremony and Global meditation at the Water Wheel in Frenchy’s Park at 9:30 AM. The gathering will coincide with a global meditation for Peace in preparation for the burying of the last Earth Treasure Vase in Australia and to bless the Waters at 10 AM our time. This last vase activates the global grid of Vases that have been buried around the world over the past 23 years. Bring a gallon of water for the trees and your special crystal, water or offering. To read more about the Earth Treasure Vase Project click here.
            This event, organized in partnership with the Gaiafield Project and the Shift Network’s Summer of Peace program, will occur via a teleconference/webcast link with the pilgrimage group live from Darwin, Australia. I will tell the story of the Earth Treasure Vase project and guide a meditation intended to link and activate the global Earth Treasure Vase grid, just days before the burial of the final vase”. Cynthia Jurs, director of the Earth Treasure Vase project.


              *This Sunday’s Journey Santa Fe conversation at Collected Works Bookshop features

Foraging Right Outside Your Door, with Ellen Zachos and Backyard Foraging
     June 9, 11 am


There will be a Summer Solstice Ceremony at New Buffalo on Friday,  June 21st at 5:30PM to celebrate this Summer Solstice.

New Buffalo is North of Taos in Arroyo Hondo.
For more information contact Cliff Bain at
Clifton Bain <taos2012ceremony@gmail.com>
Please bring flowers to decorate the altar as an expression of  our love and gratitude to the Sun.

There will be a potluck meal following the ceremony so please bring your goodies to the kitchen first.

We would like to invite you to make a $10 donation toward New Buffalo in gratitude for their loving welcome to us.” Cliff Bain


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