Water ceremony at John Dunn Bridge, Arroyo Hondo NM

SAM_0697 SAM_0698 SAM_0699 SAM_0700 SAM_0701 SAM_0702 SAM_0703 SAM_0704 SAM_0705 SAM_0706 SAM_0707 SAM_0708 SAM_0709 SAM_0710 SAM_0711 SAM_0712 SAM_0713 SAM_0714 SAM_0715 SAM_0716 SAM_0717 SAM_0718 SAM_0720 SAM_0722These photos are from a Water Ceremony held at the John Dunn Bridge in Arroyo Hondo, NM last Saturday the 13th July 2013


When we began the ceremony, two golden Eagles or large Hawks appeared over the rim and a large yellow butterfly came by to say hello. then the tourists began to arrive!. We did a very lovely ceremony. 4 women and one man representative.ImagessImage


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