Blood Moon Medicine Water Wheel

                We will be doing a Medicine Water Wheel ceremony this Tuesday, 15th April at 6 PM at the Medicine Water Wheel in Frenchy’s Park Santa Fe. This will be in unison with a Peace and Water Blessing ceremony in Santa Barbara, CA. Marshall”Golden Eagle” and J.Lynch are leading. They are creating a new Water Wheel there and will be doing ceremony at sunset. We also join many around the world praying for Peace on this day of the Full Moon (Blood Moon) and Full Lunar Eclipse (1:06 AM on the 15th in Santa Fe) Contact me for more info. This is a period of extraordinary planetary alignments with a very special configuration on that day. It is a powerful time for our prayers and blessings for Peace and Healing.

Medicine Water Wheel at Ghost Ranch

Medicine Water Wheel at Ghost Ranch

Water Wheel Ceremony at Ghost Ranch

 Sunday, April 6th at the Medicine Water Wheel Ceremony at Ghost Ranch, as Grandmother Flordemayo was blessing the Waters, shaking her rattle and walking around the central altar, it began to snow, and at times the wind came up and then later the sun shone upon us. A day blessed by all the elements. ImageImageImage

Ghost Ranch Medicine Water Wheel

IMG_3030IMG_3028IMG_3021IMG_3031IMG_3035IMG_3012IMG_3019IMG_3022Ghost Ranch Medicine Water Wheel

The Medicine Water Wheel being built by the children from Abiquiu schools at Ghost Ranch as part of the youth track Friday at the Water Symposium last weekend, and Grandmother Flordemayo leading the Medicine Water Wheel Ceremony and dedicating the Water Wheel on the Sunday. See you there next year!

20th Annual Arkansas River Basin Water Forum

The 20th Annual Arkansas River Basin Water Forum will be held at Otero Junior College in La Junta, CO.
Mark your calendars and SAVE THE DATE for April 22-24, 2014
Jean van Pelt
Southeastern Colorado Water Conservancy District
31717 United Avenue
Pueblo, CO 81001
Phone: (719) 948-2400

Elders, Healing and Water

From Barbara (

Please send loving thoughts and protective vibrations to all the elders on their way to Lake Titicaca for a very important water ceremony on April 6. Send loving, healing thoughts to the water and all those working to help our Earth.
There have been 2 major earthquakes in 2 days and more to come. We’re going to be in major upheavals this month.

Lots of Love and Bright Blessings………

Whale hunt banned

Whale hunt banned

HUGE NEWS, Raphael!

Usually if the words “Japan” and “whale” are used in the same sentence, it means bad news for animals. Well not today. Allow me to explain:

The cruel Japanese whale hunt has been banned!!

So today at Unleashed, we’re all like:

Because I know you’ve spoken up for marine animals, I couldn’t wait to share this good news with you! Kudos to our mates at Sea Shepherd, and all the other groups and individuals who made this happen. It just goes to show that when we work together, and never ever give up, we can achieve amazing things for animals!

Want to achieve even more amazing things? Keep scrolling to see how you can make a difference for other marine animals today.

Til next time…
Amy Kidd
Youth Campaigner
Animals Australia Unleashed

5 things you probably never knew about ocean animals (and 5 ways to save them!)

Fins belong on sharks — NOT IN SOUPS!

100,000 people have spoken out against the Faroe Island whale slaughter. Have you?

Don’t let them turn our reef turn into a dump!

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Fracking and US Natural Gas exports

From Food and Water Watch: