Santa Fe Global Water Festival

The 2017 Santa Fe Global Water Festival

We are being given so many chances around the world to choose differently in how we use water, ways that honor and protect its integrity. The Santa Fe Globe Water Festival’s goal is to bring awareness to all these new possibilities; raising hope and challenging our communities to change the old patterns that pollute and waste this precious life giving resource, this resource that sustains all life.


The Santa Fe Global Water Festival is a New Mexico non-profit organization based in Santa Fe. We promote water awareness locally and globally, through education, presentations, celebrations and ceremony and we gather people together from around the world to explore solutions to our widespread water crisis. We believe this project supports our vision of a world of clean, pure and healthy water for all life.

We are organizing a Global Water Festival to be held in Santa Fe in 2017, around March 22ndwhich is World Water Day. Our plan is that this will become an annual celebration and exploration, establishing Santa Fe as a hub for water awareness, wise water management and practices that provide clean, healthy water for all its life forms.

To introduce our organization and engender awareness of the importance of water issues, we are organizing a World Water Day Celebration on March 22nd 2015 with music, dance, an art exhibition, presentations, information tables, a movie and ceremony. The event is from 4 PM till 9 PM at El Museo Cultural. We will also organize a World Water Day Celebration in 2016, around World Water Day.

The Festival will be held in multiple venues in Santa Fe and surrounding communities and will feature art, performance, ceremony and activities for all ages and cultures in addition to presentations, conversations and exhibitions. It will have a strong focus on indigenous wisdom, fun and a cooperation.

Target dates :  around World Water Day, Tuesday, March 22nd, 2017.

We organize Medicine Water Wheel ceremonies in Frenchy’s Park in Santa Fe on New and Full Moons and Solstice and Equinoxes and teach people how to create these ceremonial Medicine Water Wheels, which we have built in many places, locally and globally.

The Santa Fe Global Water Festival’s Purpose and Mission:

  1. To bring together people from around the world, in a collaborative, celebratory environment to address the many water issues we face locally and globally.
  2. To establish Santa Fe as a global hub for water consciousness; a model city in water management
  3. To establish a Global Water Resource Center in Santa Fe.
  4. To learn from the experience, expertise and successes of people and organizations around the world.
  5. To provide exposure to innovative technological solutions and develop programs and projects.
  6. To educate and share our respect and love for Water.
  7. To establish a directory and map all the organizations and people involved in Water issues locally, and eventually, globally.
A Water Wheel Ceremony

A Water Wheel Ceremony


The Santa Fe Global Water Festival and Resource Center is a New Mexico non-profit whose purpose is to educate about and promote Water Awareness globally and locally and to organize the The Santa Fe Global Water Festival. The founding directors are:

David Witherell


Glenda Frye

Raphael Weisman

Edwin Lemus

Stanley Rosen

Ezra Leyba

Alexanna Hope

In addition, the following are members of the current planning team (February 2015):

Kim Taylor

CJ Rothman

Francine DiGeorgio

Joseph Sanchez

Consuelo Luz

Gillian Corcoran

You can support this project by giving your endorsement so that when we approach the City of Santa Fe and other agencies, we have a strong base of support for the Festival. We also welcome your financial contribution. If you are interested in being part of the team, please contact us at

Here is a link for your endorsement:

Letter of Endorsement (as pdf)

Please print and send. Our mailing address is PO Box 23813, Santa Fe NM 87502. Please mark attention Raphael Weisman. Email to:


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