Here is one petition you will definitely want to support:

A world wide ban on illegal Chemtrail spraying

A world wide ban on illegal Chemtrail spraying

7,184 signers. Let’s reach 7,500

Why this is important

Chemtrails are trails in the sky that expand to create a milky, artificial cover, after the airplane spraying them has passed. They contain aluminum sulfate nanoparticles, titanium, barium,bacteria, radioactive material, plasma according to Tom Bosco and Clifford Carnicom who have studied the fallout for more than 10 years. These agents cause respiratory diseases, heart damage, as well as, temporary loss of memory, headaches, disorientation.

The spraying is illegal according to international law and must be publicized and stopped.

Please take a moment right now to sign the petition and pass it on if this issue is important to you.


Water for a future in New Mexico

By Max Yeh (Contact)

To be delivered to: The New Mexico State House, The New Mexico State Senate, and Governor Susana Martinez

Petition Statement
New Mexico is facing a water crisis. We use more than we replenish. In order to defuse the coming water wars, please stop mindless economic development. No more development for its own sake. Connect development to water use. Require a percentage of water used to be returned to the aquifer through water treatment. Outlaw water grabs. Stop the fraudulent registration and declarations of water rights with the Office of the State Engineer.

Petition Background

In Sierra County, NM, we are watching a mining company reopen Copper Flat Mine. It wants to take 1/3 of the total groundwater used in the county, pollute it, and evaporate it all into the air, permanently depleting our aquifer.

Here is the link to the petition for you to sign:


Dear Friends of Whales, Dolphins and other Cetaceans:



Thank you for Helping to Save Whales from Sonar!

We’ve sent your letter to the National Marine Fisheries Service, calling on that agency to do its job of protecting marine mammals from the deadly impacts of Navy training with mid-frequency sonar and explosives.

You can help spread the word on this important campaign by sharing this action with your family and friends using your favorite social media:


pebble mineClick on Screen to View
Pierce Brosnan’s Video

Please follow our progress to Save Whales from Deadly Sonar by liking and following us on Facebook and Twitter:

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Many of you indicated that the URL listed did not take you to the correct site for signing the whale and dolphin petition. Please accept our apologies and use the links at the bottom of this page.

For those who are interested in a review or did not receive the e-mail, here it is:

 “We are at a crossroads. Environmental degradation is visible everywhere we look and many are feeling hopeless and disempowered to create change that will make a real difference in the world. We are close to a tipping point and your intentions and spirit are needed now to create the kind of lasting change so vital to our natural world.

 We have written you before asking you to sign our petitions regarding the US Navy’s underwater sonar sound that is decimating our whale and dolphin populations all over the world. We are asking you again, to sign and share this with your friends and family. We may not receive the change we are asking for and the permit may still be given to cause serious harm to our cetaceans 31 million times over the next 5 years. In that period of time, thousands will die from the impact of that testing. Our government’s utter disregard for it’s own environmental laws has never been more blatant; many of the whales that will die are on the endangered species list!

 Here is why it is important for all of us that you act. Our sheer numbers cannot be ignored. By signing this you are providing a base of support to bring this to the attention of the mainstream media so even more people become aware of this dire situation. In addition to this, your signatures can possibly be used as leverage in a lawsuit against NOAA even after they move forward with their plan. This is our final push and we are asking that you, one more time (third time’s a charm, right?) please sign this latest petition. With exposure, education and a clear plan of action, we can sift this tide and you are an intergral part of that shift.”

With gratitude for your assistance,

Lyndia, Lance, Kim & Wes

To sign the petition directly go to:


Date:               February 12, 2013
Contact:          Allyson Siwik, Executive Director
                        Gila Conservation Coalition
                        575.538.8078 office; 575.590.7619 cell
Response to Senate Finance Committee and Senate Conservation Committee 
Press Conference on Water Legislation
Silver City, NM – The Chair of the Senate Conservation Committee, Senator Peter Wirth, and the Chair of the Senate Finance Committee, Senator John Arthur Smith, held a press conference this morning at the Roundhouse on water issues and current related legislation that include controversial proposals like piping Gila River water across the Continental Divide to Las Cruces and perhaps even on to Texas (background).
“Water issues pose significant challenges for the state of New Mexico,” stated Gila Conservation Coalition Chairman, M.H. “Dutch” Salmon. “However, we can’t sacrifice healthy rivers that contribute to New Mexico’s significant outdoor recreation economy (47,000 jobs and $3.8 billion annually) for speculative growth that would destroy places that New Mexicans love.”
“In the case of the Gila, New Mexico’s last free flowing river, there are responsible, cost-effective non-diversion alternatives that secure southwest New Mexico’s water future. We can have jobs and a healthy Gila River,” said Salmon.
“Piping Gila River water to the Rio Grande or even on to Texas as proposed by Senator John Arthur Smith in his $25 million capital outlay request is the latest example in ongoing attempts statewide to raid water from rural areas to quench the insatiable thirst of unsustainable urban growth and inefficient agriculture. Draining the Gila River to keep Texas happy just adds insult to injury,” Salmon added. “Moreover, these large-scale water transfers from rural to urban areas don’t serve or mitigate urban growth, they create it.”
The Gila River is the last major free-flowing river in New Mexico. Riparian ecosystems comprise less than 1% of New Mexico’s arid landscape, and the Gila’s natural cycle of flows supports outstanding examples of southwest riparian forest, more than 300 species of birds, cold-water sport fisheries, intact native fish communities and a remarkable abundance of wildlife. The Gila provides significant economic value to the region with superb opportunities for outdoor recreation, nature-based specialty travel and wilderness experience.
The Gila is under threat from a proposal to divert 14,000 acre-feet per year of water, enough to satisfy the needs of a city the size of Las Cruces.
More information:
Background on Senator John Arthur Smith’s $25 million capital outlay request can be found at
Costs of a Gila River Diversion Project
Solutions to Southwest New Mexico’s Long-term Water Needs
Gila Conservation Coalition
305A North Cooper Street
Silver City, NM 88061


International corporations around the world are grabbing water resources for their own profit – resources that are essential public resources.  An aquifer underlying the Plains of San Agustin in western New Mexico is under such threat now, with a group based in Italy seeking to pump 54,000 acre feet per year from the aquifer; this is more than the annual recharge.  This pumping would certainly disrupt the economy of the area, mainly ranching, and would likely dry up the flow of water into the Gila River, a rare and sensitive ecosystem and an economic and recreational resource for New Mexico.  This appropriation of essential water resources for private gain must be stopped.

That’s why I signed a petition to The New Mexico State House, The New Mexico State Senate, and Governor Susana Martinez.

Will you sign this petition? Click here:

Thanks! And please do forward, thanks for all you do,

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Dear raphael,Who ensures the safety of chemicals in the products you buy for your home?The shocking answer is — no one.I’m Richard Denison, Senior Scientist with Environmental Defense Fund’s Health program. Over the last 25 years I’ve worked to protect children and families from dangerous chemicals in our environment — chemicals that are polluting even our newborns.I think you’d be surprised to learn what products in your home can actually harm you. Click here to take action to protect us from these dangerous chemicals, and to watch a video that will change the way you look at the products around you.You know, we all try to do things to live a healthier life. We try to make good choices about the food we eat and the products we buy. Unfortunately, U.S. laws regulating toxic chemicals are woefully inadequate and do not protect us the way that I believe they should. But you can help EDF’s team fix these broken laws.

I hope you’ll take a minute to check out our site, watch the video and take action to convince Congress to take a stronger stand on regulating these chemicals.

This is a fight I believe we can win. And I am so pleased you have joined the Environmental Defense Fund Action Network. Your added voice will help to increase our pressure on Congress to enact meaningful reforms that will protect all Americans.

Fighting for protection from toxic chemicals is just one example of EDF’s commitment to working with governments, business and communities to find strong, practical solutions to environmental health problems.

On behalf of the entire Health team at EDF, welcome to the Action Network. We are all so glad you are here.

Richard DenisonSincerely,
Richard Denison Signature
Dr. Richard Denison, Ph.D.
Senior Scientist

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Email this message to friends. If a friend sent this to you, sign up yourself.
FacebookTwitterYouTubeRSSEnvironmental Defense Fund
1875 Connecticut Ave. NW, Suite 600,
Washington, DC 20009
(800) 684-3322


Earthjustice - Take Action Today
TAKE ACTION! A Call To Suspend Arctic Ocean Drilling Take action today!
The conical drilling unit Kulluk grounded after many efforts by tug vessel crews and Coast Guard crews to move the vessel to safe harbor during a winter storm during a tow from Dutch Harbor, Alaska to Everett, Wash. Jan. 3, 2012. (U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 2nd Class Zachary Painter)

Shell has made mistake after high-risk mistake—and it hasn’t even started the riskiest part of its Arctic Ocean drilling operations. Tell the Obama administration: Don’t risk environmental disaster in the pristine Arctic Ocean!

Dear raphael,

It’s just weeks into the new year and the oil industry has already demonstrated with convincing clarity that drilling for oil in the pristine waters of America’s Arctic is dangerous and dirty.

On New Year’s Eve, Shell lost control of the Kulluk drilling unit, and it subsequently ran aground off the coast of southern Alaska. As the country watched, it took more than a week, and the dedicated support and assistance of the U.S. Coast Guard, for the drilling unit to be corralled, pulled off the rocks, and relocated to a safer location for inspection.Imagine what would have happened in the Arctic Ocean with roaming icebergs, subzero temperatures, and a complete lack of Coast Guard infrastructure. And then, to top it off, last week the EPA announced that Shell had violated the terms of an air permit compliance order dozens of times in 2012 in the Arctic, putting the region further at risk.

Tell President Obama: It is time to halt offshore drilling in the Arctic Ocean. We need time to evaluate and understand recent events, reconsider whether to drill in the Arctic Ocean, and examine better options.

Despite the fact that Shell hasn’t even started the riskiest part of its drilling operations, the company has made mistake after high-risk mistake. The grounding of the Kulluk and the air violations admissions are just the latest.

Finally, after watching Shell’s fiasco over the last several months, the Obama administration announced earlier this week that it is conducting an internal investigation into the company’s 2012 drilling activities. An investigation is obviously necessary, but it must be thorough and independent—and it must include a full reevaluation of whether to allow drilling in the Arctic Ocean at all.

After the Deepwater Horizon disaster, President Obama committed to providing the country with a rational energy policy that sets the bar for the rest of the world. Yet, as the events of the last couple of weeks reflect, neither the government nor industry has met that standard. Instead we’ve seen shortcuts, near misses, and broken promises.

America can do better than risk environmental disaster by allowing the industry to explore for dirty oil from the Arctic Ocean. At a time when we should be taking urgent action to combat climate change, the administration should not be permitting risky, dangerous, and bumbling excursions to find oil that will only exacerbate the problem without seriously considering better options.

Tell the Obama administration it is time to protect the pristine Arctic Ocean and the people and wildlife that depend on it.


Eric Jorgensen

Eric Jorgensen
Managing Attorney
Alaska Regional Office

Take action today!

P.S. If you remember agonizing over the drawn-out Deepwater Horizon spill response, you owe it to yourself to save the Arctic from a similar fate. Send a letter to the Obama administration and voice your concerns!

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Polar bears are in a constant search for food as they navigate through the Arctic ice. They can smell food from tens of miles away. Beaufort Sea, Alaska. (Florian Schulz /
©2013 Earthjustice | 50 California Street, Suite 500, San Francisco, CA 94111 | 415-217-2000 |


 PHOTO CREDITS:   Top: The conical drilling unit Kulluk grounded after many efforts by tug vessel crews and Coast Guard crews to move the vessel to safe harbor during a winter storm during a tow from Dutch Harbor, Alaska to Everett, Wash. Jan. 3, 2012. (U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 2nd Class Zachary Painter)
Bottom: Polar bears are in a constant search for food as they navigate through the

 Arctic ice. They can smell food from tens of miles away. Beaufort Sea, Alaska. (Florian Schulz /

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 LINKS:   If you cannot click on the links in this email, copy this link to your browser:


Earthjustice - Take Action Today
TAKE ACTION! Protect Northwest Orcas Take action today!
Southern resident orca. (iStockphoto)

The National Marine Fisheries Service is considering a cynical request to remove protections for the Pacific Northwest’s irreplaceable killer whales.
Urge the Fisheries Service to reject this misguided effort!

Dear raphael,

Orcas are known for their intelligence, agility, and playfulness. Nowhere is this more obvious than the Pacific Northwest, where the resident orca pods attract tourists and scientists from around the world.

Yet, this critically endangered population of killer whales has been reduced to only 84 individuals. These unique marine mammals have been decimated by the decline of salmon—their primary prey—and by toxic pollution and habitat degradation from shipping, sonar and other human activities.

Now they face a new threat from anti-environmental groups seeking to strip away their Endangered Species Act protections. Tell the National Marine Fisheries Service that this unique population deserves full protection under the law.

This extended family group of killer whales, known as the southern residents, spends much of the year hunting salmon in the waters between Washington and Canada. In the winter and spring months when salmon are scarce, they can range as far south as California in search of food.

The Pacific Legal Foundation and the California irrigators they represent have asked the federal National Marine Fisheries Service to lift protections for the orcas on the flawed premise that all killer whales are the same. But the truth is that southern resident killer whales have evolved distinct language, culture, and physical and genetic characteristics that set them apart from other types of killer whales that feed on marine mammals or roam the open ocean.

These irrigators hope to grab more water resources, further devastating California salmon and the species that depend on them. The National Marine Fisheries Service is now considering this cynical request to delist the southern resident orcas. Please voice your support for continuing vital protections for the Pacific Northwest’s irreplaceable killer whales.

Earthjustice litigation resulted in the southern residents getting Endangered Species Act protections in 2005. Please help ensure those protections remain in place. Urge the Fisheries Service to reject this misguided effort to put a handful of irrigators ahead of the west coast’s natural heritage.


Steve Mashuda

Steve Mashuda
Northwest Regional Office

Take action today!

P.S. This unique population of killer whales remains in peril of extinction because of depleted salmon populations and water pollution. Please lend your voice in support of the southern resident orcas!

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Southern Resident J pod, Admiralty Inlet in 2011. (Susan Berta / Orca Network)
©2013 Earthjustice | 50 California Street, Suite 500, San Francisco, CA 94111 | 415-217-2000 |


 PHOTO CREDITS:   Top: Southern Resident orca. (iStockphoto)
Bottom: Southern Resident J pod, swimming in Admiralty Inlet in 2011. (Susan Berta / Orca Network)

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Protecting the World's Oceans
Dear raphael,

Urge the Secretary of Interior to abandon the government’s proposal to allow seismic airgun testing in the Atlantic!

Sign the petition»

Unless the Obama administration reverses course, the Atlantic Ocean from Florida to the New Jersey border will be opened up to high-intensity seismic airgun exploration for offshore oil and gas.

This means that dolphins and whales will be subjected to constant dynamite-like blasts about every 10 seconds, 24-hours a day, for weeks and months on end.

Even the government admits that the industry’s airguns could injure hundreds of thousands of marine mammals and disrupt marine mammal feeding, calving, breeding, and other vital activities more than 13.5 million times.

There’s no time to waste. Urge the Secretary of the U.S. Department of the Interior to abandon the government’s proposal to allow seismic airgun testing in the Atlantic!

Dolphins and whales rely on sound for feeding, communication, and navigation. If we don’t act now, these sensitive creatures will be exposed to an intense acoustical assault.

Seismic exploration involves arrays of high-volume airguns that are towed behind ships, continuously firing intense impulses of compressed air — almost as loud as explosives.

Opening up the Atlantic Ocean to seismic exploration for offshore oil and gas would cause incredible harm to ocean wildlife like whales and dolphins and to multi-billion dollar fishing, tourism, and recreational industries that support hundreds of thousands of American jobs. All of this just to make it easier for oil companies to find new sites in our oceans for offshore drilling.

We simply cannot allow it. Click here to tell the Secretary of Interior to abandon plans to allow seismic testing in the Atlantic.

I hope you understand how much your voice matters. When we all stand together, we can protect the ocean.  I hope you’ll stand with me today.

Victoria PrincipalSincerely,
Victoria Principal
Actress and Environmentalist

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Please consider signing this petition to prevent fracking in New Mexico:

Fracturing rock releases hazardous gases such as hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, and methane, which can cause blood disorders, negative neurological effects, breathing problems, and reproductive challenges.  Fracking also uses 4 to 7 million gallons of water, and one well requires multiple fracks.  Chemicals used to blast into the rock are highly toxic, and are present in the wastewater produced during fracking, and some of it can leak into the ground and contaminate our aquifers.
That’s why I signed a petition to The New Mexico State House, The New Mexico State Senate, and Governor Susana Martinez.
If you feel this is important, please click on this link and then let your New Mexico friends know about it.

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