Downloadable Water Book


Tonita d’Raye/Barnett (1942 – 2011) wrote an amazing short, comprehensive book about water called

What’s The Big Deal About Water.

What's The Big Deal backcoverWhat's The Big Deal cover


It is a 10 minute quick read book, 32 pages only but crammed with essential information, links and notes for further investigation.

“Water can be the healthiest or one of the deadliest substances on Earth. The facts about our world’s water crisis are revealed, and questions are answered about why we must carefully consider the quantity and the quality of the water we drink to ensure a healthy, long life” Tonita d’Raye, author


8. Introduction

9. The Elixir of Life

10.In the News

11. Tap Water Woes

14. Chemicals in Our Blood

14. Chemical Poisoning

15. Chlorine

15. Immune-Suppressive Diseases

16. Volatile Organics and THM’s

18. Fluoride

18. Lead Poisoning

19. Waterborne Disease

19. Parasites
20. Our Stolen Future

20. Mass Medication?

21. An Experiment to Try
21. The Miracle of Water

22. Our Immortal Cells

22. Is Your Body Dehydrated?

23.  Common Symptoms of Dehydration

24. Headaches

24.  Premenstrual Problems

24.  Pregnancy and Morning Sickness

24.  Your Skin and Water

25.  Acne Breakout

25. Cheers for the Bath

25. Fiber and Bowel Care

26. Constipation

27Your Liver Can’t Deliver

27. The Color of Urine

27. The “Die” in Diet

28. Acidic Body Chemistry

29.Becoming Water Conscious

29. Our beloved pets

30.Bottled Water

30. Water Purification

31. Let’s Drink to Life!

31.End Notes

32 Recommended Reading

Here is the link to download the book:

I met Tonita many years ago and was excited at the possibility of making this book widely available for education and information purposes when I was recently in Oregon to do a Water Ceremony on 12/21/12                    Raphael Weisman

We will be reprinting the book. Tonita desired that this book be available free to anyone who wants it and we will make available the the remaining copies of the book that we are obtaining from the family. We will send you a printed copy to have in your home and share with your friends for the cost of mailing and handling the book. Donations for the reprinting and distribution are very welcome. Please contact me at or by phone at (575) 770 1228 if you would like to receive a copy or would like to have copies for distribution.

3 thoughts on “Downloadable Water Book

    • Mary, I am sorry, it looks like her website is no longer up and running. I have copies and can send you one. At a later date I will scan the book and put it up here instead of this link. If you send me your address, I will send you a copy. You can send me $7 at your convenience once you receive it, if that works for you, $5 for the book and $2 for cost of mailing.

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