This video recently surfaced. So happy to share it with you and perhaps it’s time to reactivate the Medicine Water Wheel ceremonies:




Enjoy this: It is spectacular and inspiring

Just received this recently
This famous documentary is one of the most valuable resources on Water and Consciousness or Water and Memory and features Dr Masaru Emoto.This is the full documentary: Water, The Great Mystery
Here is another stimulating and important watch:
Top Secret Water:
The Drinkable Book -Water is Life from TheGiftOfWater


An Interview with Vandana Shiva – Pt. 3


An interview with Yvette Tovar, executive Director of the New Mexico Water Collaborative


Women and Water Rights

Rivers of Regeneration

Lucy R. Lippard

Ripple Effects: March 4, Thursday 6:00 pm, Presentation at Cowles Auditorium, Hubert Humphrey Auditorium. U of M, Minneapolis


Geology of the Rio Grande Gorge

Thanks and credit to Ethan Genauer for making it available

A fascinating talk by Paul Bauer, given at the Collected Works Bookshop as part of the Journey Santa Fe series of talks.

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