Message from Marian Naranjo a tribal member of Kha po Owingeh, Santa Clara Pueblo

Umbi A: gin di (With you respect)

My name is Marian Naranjo a tribal member of Kha po Owingeh, Santa Clara Pueblo.

From my perspective as an Indigenous person from here I would like to share one of our teachings with you. In our prayers and stories, we always mention the four directions in which these directions have names and have been passed down in all aspects of our cultural teachings for millennium. From a place in southern Colorado, a place within the Jemez Mountains, south to Albuquerque and East a place within the Sangre De Christos, including the lifeblood water source that runs thru the center of these points. These are the cardinal, ancestral to present points of the Tewa World. Within this area, we believe the Creator had placed the first Peoples here, with a plan. The plan was composed of process and mannerisms that formed lifeways of sustainability and in giving thanks for Creators gifts of land, air and water. This place is our church, Our Heaven. Great understanding was developed, practiced, lived and a spiritual practice daily was and is performed in honor of this, since the beginning.

As time passed, many changes occurred. The 1st Peoples were forced to adapt to changes, while all along maintaining process and mannerisms and the belief that only when we take care of the land, air and water, it will take care of us.

Seventy years ago, the United States Government, the army and scientists gave themselves permission through the Wars Powers Act to plant themselves within the west wall of our church. These entities belief system had no conscious awareness of taking care of the land, air and water and had no conscious awareness of caring, loving, respecting and helping those of us whose sacred place they entered. The Indigenous Peoples were forced into change, adaptation, while still trying desperately to maintain the Creators plan. Through need for survival we were forced into feeding that energy of the unseen in an unsacred way. This opened the door for others to come and enter innocently in a disrespectful manner.

So, here we are, gathered together here in the Tewa World, in only one of the Creators sacred places. In this country, the United States; these destructive forces have planted themselves on or near over 24 different Native reservations, places that are sacred to the Peoples. These places were meant to be in harmony with all that is living, and now, covered over by intentions of mass destruction. This weapon has been used intentionally to destroy people. Here in New Mexico, the Trinity Test, where no one was told to protect themselves and this plume of poison went everywhere. Then, our brothers and sisters of Japan the reason we are gathered for this commemoration. More than 500 above ground tests have occurred around the world. This knowledge has gone full circle, which brings us back to the Tewa World.

At this time, I would like each and every one of you to join me in making a conscious acknowledgment of where we are. Then, make a conscious decision of which energy of the unseen do we wish to feed; the life giving forces of the ancestral spirit world or the destructive forces of mass destruction? To further explain, to feed, is a term used in the action of spiritual connection to energy.

We all have energy, within and around ourselves. First, ground yourself with thoughts of where you are, we are here in the Tewa World, Oga Pogeh, a sacred area since time immemorial. Take this thought from your mind to your heart, become comfortable with it. Feel it, connect yourself with this unseen energy that was placed here by the Creator. Give thanks for your life. Be happy with this thought. Be happy with this feeling. Concentrate and feed this positive energy with your presence. Connect with the ancestors. Have no doubt of their presence! Ask for permission to be among them and ask for their help to restore our Mother..Grounding oneself in this practice, especially as you walk near or within the west wall of this sacred church, will allow the ancestral spirits to awaken and they will be fed. Try your best to ignore the presence of the negative, in some ways it’s difficult. But try not to invite it in with rhetoric or acknowledgment of its existence. Don’t feed it!

During this time of our Pueblo calendar, we are in prayer mode in preparation for cultural happenings. Instead of changing this mode to be on this panel, we decided to bring this and share with you a little bit of our mannerism and ask you to join us in taking action using the mannerism of the Tewa People. This action is with the unseen that will offer empowerment and an opportunity for us to enter right relationship with each other on this land with dealing with the issues at hand, that being abolishing nuclear weapons. I had a vision or a dream, of our Pueblo Governors offices being flooded with letters of acknowledgement and heartfelt prayers from those who stand in solidarity for the care of this land; prayers that lifted the spirits of our People, prayers that weave connection and allow one to lay their burdens down and move into a time of great healing.

For over twenty years, I along with other Tewa people have participated in these types of gatherings of protest to abolish nuclear weapons, today I ask for your support and try participating in a different manner, a manner in which the pueblo people are more comfortable with and accustomed to.

I invite you to write these letters of prayer, acknowledge your presence and let the tribal leaders know that you are aware that you live or work within the boundaries of this sacred place. Acknowledge how blessed you are to be here. Let them know you that you too, hold gratitude to the Creator for this land and pray for clean land, air and water. And that you pray for no more nuclear weapons are produced in this sacred area and that through serving the life giving energies, real Peace will come to the World.

Today we have good spirited people here who support this action and are here to help with letters of prayer. Please join us in this effort and let’s see where it goes.

Kuda Wa Ha; aa many blessings to you all.

Marian Naranjo a tribal member of Kha po Owingeh, Santa Clara Pueblo


You are invited to take a moment to express your heartfelt prayer letting the Tribal Leaders of the Northern Pueblos know that you are aware that you are inside the lands they hold sacred, their church; and letting them know that you stand in solidarity with them for the care of these lands.

Sending your prayer has the power to weave connection with the People who have lived here long before our arrival. Entering right relationship with them and this land will allow all of us to lay our burdens down and move into a time of great healing.

Allow your heart to speak as you acknowledge your presence here within the church of the Tewa world and let the tribal leaders know how your life is blessed to be here.

Let them know that you too hold gratitude to the Creator for this land and pray for clean land, air and water.

Let them know that you pray no more nuclear weapons will be produced in this sacred area and that through serving life-giving energies, real Peace will come for us all.

Please write your prayer and email or mail it to HOPE. Your prayer will be copied and sent to the Tribal Leaders. Thank you!


Honor Our Pueblo Existence (HOPE)

627 Flower Road

Espanola, New Mexico 87532

“These prayers are about now and going forward with the acknowledgement of where we are. It is vital in planting the seeds for healing in this place that acknowledgment of place, what this place is to its inhabitants and incorporating prayer which is the mannerism for sacredness and for healing. Once this is established, it will be understood how our story of the Atomic Age needs to begin.

In the meantime, gathering the stories of the history can and should be done. This story is painful, which is another reason for the prayers to be gathered and sent, so that we don’t get stuck in the past and be able to forge forward to include our story which will make the present stories about the Atomic Age that are being presented complete and truthful, for the benefit of future generations.”   Marian Naranjo of Santa Clara