Water Energetics

When we refer to Water Energetics, what is that all about?


                    One aspect of our Educational goals is to cultivate awareness of the special properties of water and to demonstrate and teach how our thoughts affect water. If you are unfamiliar with the work of Dr Masaru Emoto and his book Hidden Messages From Water, I recommend you watch the video below called Water The Great Mystery on this page. Our educational goals deal with many aspects of water, such as water and health, conservation, respect and reuse among many others. Our mission is to illustrate and educate how water can be used to enhance, amplify and raise the vibration of human consciousness, and how a collaboration between human consciousness and these special qualities of water can affect the quality (and even quantity) and healing of  bodies of water. This relates to our Applied Research goals as well as aspects of our Stewardship role. We plan to share material and information about some of the early pioneers of “Living Water” such as Viktor Schauberger, Johannes Grander and others and publish links to modern pioneers developing technologies for enhancing water and its connection to consciousness.

                   Technology exists in many forms. The obvious material technologies of the digital age are not the only technologies with which we can work. There is also available to us spiritual or energetic technology. Much has been written about the power of prayer, for instance, and Quartz crystals have been shown to be cornerstone components not only of computers, watches, cell phones etc., but also of various shamanic and spiritual traditions. So when Dr Emoto demonstrated how the water quality of a severely polluted lake in Japan was dramatically changed by the prayers and chanting of a Shinto priest, he was using this kind of “spiritual” technology. He also demonstrated the difference between water that has been blessed or thanked and water that bears an imprint of ignoble thought forms such as hatred. The crystalline formations he observed clearly demonstrate this “technology”

120_Thank you

The “snowflake” pattern of “Thank you” in water

In addition to offering informative talks and presenting material for dissemination through our Institute’s research center, we organize events and energetic technologies such as Water Wheel Ceremonies and blessings. We also support and share about groups and projects that bless water and are intended to positively affect the quality of water and the Environment. In successive pages we offer information and links about these Water energetics.

Here are some videos that show the connection between consciousness and human thought. Some of the links will take you to other websites where these videos are posted:

 Dr. Jacques Benveniste  (1935-2004) from the Aerospace Institute in Stuttgart discovered certain scientific properties of water. These properties cannot be explained by conventional physics. He calls this particular brand of science ‘digital biology’. Other scientists have apparently duplicated his experiments. His research had proved something quite controversial, which gave concrete evidence to support homeopathy. The following video is about his work

Water drop from Water has Memory

Water drop from Water has Memory

Click on this link to view Water Has Memory (2:50 min.)

Two websites that feature this video and share material about water are: http://humansarefree.com and http://forbiddenknowledgeTV.com )

Water, The Great Mystery:

This famous documentary is one of the most valuable resources on Water and Consciousness or Water and Memory and features Dr Masaru Emoto.

This is the full documentary with Russian subtitles:

Water, The Great Mystery ( 1 hr 22 min)

 (It is also available on You Tube in 8 parts)

2 thoughts on “Water Energetics

  1. Under your category – Water Energetics, I would also like to include the work of Theodor Schwenk (Sensitive Chaos) Herbert Dreiseitl’s, & John WIlkes. All have contributed greatly to the spiritual nature of water and practical applications for its protection and enjoyment. Please refer to my website for reviews and articles-especially the article for John Wiley & Sons, Encyclopedia of Water. Herbert Dreiseitl is world renown.

    • Thank you for mentioning these authors and pioneers. Viktor Schaeberger is of course another along with Johannes Granger. I would like to have motre material on this subject on this blog. I would recommend to people to check out your website

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