The Santa Fe Water Awareness Group is the public networking group for all people and organizations interested in water and water issues locally and globally.

Vision: A world of clean, pure and healthy water available for all life systems to flourish; A world in which humans respect and steward the water resources of the planet and the life forms that inhabit and depend on these resources. Through our common agreement, commitment and action, humans restore the water systems to their pristine state through harmony with all the elements of Nature, wise management practices and education.

Water Planet

The Santa Fe Water Awareness Group is a broad alliance of people and groups who share the above vision. They meet to share information, research and insights and to hear about the particular programs, projects and interests of those attending and to support each other in these ventures. The group is soon to file for non-profit status and is planning the Santa Fe Global Water Festival to be held around World Water Day, March 22nd, 2017. The group is open to members of the public and organizations that hold a similar vision. For more information on the Festival, please visit the Santa Fe Global Water Festival page.

We hold Medicine Water Wheel ceremonies at the medicine Water Wheel in Frenchy’s Park in Santa Fe each Full Moon and New Moon at 4 PM. Please join us with your prayers and offerings. To access current info, to be on our water mailing list and for directions or questions, please contact Raphael at HealingTheScars@Gmail.com


Info is also posted infrequently on FaceBook on the Santa Fe Water Awareness Group page https://www.facebook.com/sfwag

Please post there, like the page and send your colleagues.

For information on this website or its content contact Raphael Weisman at Healingthescars@gmail.com




5 thoughts on “About

  1. Water, women and girls in Uganda East Africa,
    Without safe water in their homes, many women and girls become victims of physical attack and sexual violence as they walk long distances to collect water; families are hit by frequent outbreaks of waterborne diseases such as cholera and dysentery because of sharing open water sources with animals; and girls dropout of school as they spend, on average, between 30 minutes to 90 minutes walking to look for water. Women and girls are the main providers of household water supply and sanitation in Uganda, and also have the primary responsibility for maintaining a clean home environment.

    We are working to end this by providing safe water to families affected by HIV/AIDS here http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/celebrate-water-give-a-gift-that-overflows
    Please support and share on your networks too.

  2. If it looks like I deleted you, that was an accidental slide of my hand. I still wish to receive all of your announcements.
    Many thanks, many blessings.

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